Creative Front-End Developer

I hand-coded my first HTML 3.2 website in 1997, self-taught from a coding standards book long before Stack Overflow existed. Since then, I have kept up with emerging front-end technologies while also gaining experience in other areas such as marketing, content production and design.

Technical skills aside, I am highly organised with meticulous attention to detail. I have a methodical approach, enabling me to manage and prioritise high volume workloads. I thrive in a creative, fast-paced environment and remain calm under pressure, even when juggling conflicting deadlines.

Technical specifications

HTML, HTML5, XHTML, CSS, LESS, SASS, CSS sprites, JavaScript, jQuery, node.js (basic), JSON, SQL, Bower (basic), Twig, Django, Handlebars, Bootstrap, Git, GitHub, SVN, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator (basic), EmailVision, Bronto CRM, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (basic), Litmus, WordPress, Drupal, W3C, WAI, SEO, CMS, CRM, ecommerce, cross browser compatibility, responsive design

  • Hand-crafted W3C validated code I've never used a WYSIWYG editor in all the years I've been working with HTML, and I'm extremely proud of that.
  • Excellent cross-client support While I love trying new techniques for mobile devices, I always ensure legacy clients remain supported. Even Internet Explorer and Outlook.
  • Strong creative vision I have a good mix of design and technical ability, allowing me to advise on and contribute to the full project lifecycle.

Random facts about me

I love animals (except spiders - even though they're harmless here, you can't take Australia out of the girl) so if you agree otters are awesome, we'll probably be friends. I am also an environmentalist, foodie and love to see new places - although I love to call London home.

I enjoy working in tech, and specifically email development. Even if all of my dev friends make fun of my love of a well structured table. I can't imagine doing anything else, unless cat cuddling becomes a recognised profession and not just the best volunteer role in existence.

Seriously, otters are awesome. So are cats, obviously. I could go on and on...

Portfolios of previous work

Please note that the following portfolios are not updated, so may contain links to sites and/or campaigns which are no longer available. Sorry about that.

Tangent Snowball

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