Front-End Developer & Email Specialist

I am highly organised with meticulous attention to detail. I thrive in a creative, fast-paced environment where I can manage and execute high volume workloads. I consider myself a customer and brand guardian, getting to know both in-depth for each company I work with to ensure the best experience is delivered.

Current role

I began working for Harvey Nichols in May 2017 as the Senior HTML Developer. I have since expanded the role to include CRM operations, responsible for the production and delivery of all email communications. A portfolio of key projects is available to download; other achievements within this position include:

  • Team responsibility shift Helped to move CRM's position within the business from a fulfillment only channel to be the team driving the change towards a new data-led, customer-centric marketing model.
  • Email improvement Self-initiated a project to overhaul the existing email templates, resulting in reducing the HTML file size by up to 60% while also bringing up to modern coding and design standards.
  • Streamlining production process Introduced briefing and coding efficiences within CRM. Also advised other teams (e.g. content production) on changes they could make to reduce overall production lead time.

Random facts about me

I love animals so if you agree otters are amazing creatures, we'll probably be friends. I am also a minimalist in all aspects of life – just give me a Mac and an internet connection and I'm good to go. I even lost an office tidy desk competition because it was too clean to be believed.

I enjoy working in tech, even if all of my “real dev” friends make fun of my love of a well structured table when creating an email. I can't imagine doing anything else, unless cat cuddling becomes a recognised profession and not just the best volunteer role in existence.

If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Golden Oak. And if you know where that is without searching, again, we'll probably be friends.

Code log

I hand-coded my first HTML 3.2 website in 1997, self-taught from a coding standards book long before Stack Overflow existed. Since then, I have kept up with emerging front-end technologies and I used to keep a long list of various tech languages and platforms that I have experience with, but the main things to know are:

  • Hand-crafted W3C validated code I've never used a WYSIWYG editor in my life, and I'm extremely proud of that. I started in Notepad and my editor of choice is now Sublime Text.
  • Excellent cross-client support While I love new techniques for modern devices, I ensure legacy clients remain supported and accessibility remains at the core of all development.
  • Effeciency champion Despite insisting on a high standard of coding, I don't believe in engineering for engineering's sake. Minimum time for maximum results is my motto.

What do you think?

If I sound like the kind of person you'd like on your team, please feel free to get in touch.

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